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09 August 2009 @ 11:17 pm
Finally updating! & i wonder when will be the next time i will.
Basically im left with one more camp before school officially! :D
Had pre-camp dinner on fri. freshies seem not too bad, hmmms, shall get to know them omg, my faci is a frigging MAMBO KING! we shall have lots of fun mannn lol
i honestly cant wait for it, especially w bananas crashing. i think im getting tooo high :O

Bananas meet-up was a blast :D
i cant help but thank "them who are watching over me" for making pre-school life this exciting and heart-warming for me.
With popeyes & bananas <3
SMU life FTW (:

SHINee's goodbye stage, i'll miss them performing live on stage ))))):

I really miss my besties girlfriends VERY MUCH!!! ):
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16 July 2009 @ 10:40 pm
after a long hiatus, i've decided to blog about the past 3 weeks or so. or not.
that is if i can rmb every single event that happened.
major events perhaps? gen-acts camp & taiwan trip i suppose.
had small outings w besties & gd frens of cos, the usual stuff (((:

im quite used to writing short entries, cos im watching vids on youtube most of the time, & now.
the concentration level & seriousness are at a meek low point for the mo.
lazy to post photos as well, since most of my lj viewers are my facebook friends.
all i can say, its been a crazy 3 weeks, & will be even more crazy & hectic for this entire month, & next, & when finally sch starts :O

i'm actl feeling quite excited, yet the apprehension of a brand new surrounding & much much MUCH higher expectations can really freak me out at times.
especially with the seniors stressing out on BOSS & telling me about SMU culture, the entire sch system etc.
man... i feel so noob ):
it feels as if i'm learning how to crawl as a baby. & i do hope i don't fall HARD.

im so busy, yet i still can go crazy over SHINee & SUJU...hmmms, amazing.
i wonder how long i can be THIS crazy, or have the time to be so.
SUJU's preparing for their SUPER SHOW 2, SHINee still promoting Juliette <3
man... the news & vids on them never fail to bring a smile on my face (:
even in Taiwan, mtv's airing their songs :D

omg & ariel lin's fireflies mv ft. SIWON & DONGHAE as cameos is out :D
both the edit-shortened & full movie version.
i nv knew she could sing :S

Fireflies (火蟲)


Eng-sub & edit-shortened MV

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21 June 2009 @ 11:43 pm

met up w yhui for lunch & shopping & loads of walking & our usual korean boybands obsessions.heh.
seems like meeting up w bestfrens <3 will somehow end up with our usual gossiping abt ppl we know.
& we dun seem the least guilty of our evil tongues.hehh.
met min for dinner & we're all too exhausted.
gonna sleep (:

SHINee energy song #2 & ryeowook birthday video (:Collapse )
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21 June 2009 @ 01:29 am
met up with edwinnie earlier in the aftn (:
this is wat i call catching up with old times, ahhhh those were the days...
shopped abit, ed bought more, &&&! im still considering that pair of heels. hmmmms
shall wait till i come back from taiwan with my shopping lot :D

meeting yhui tmr for another shopping escapade :D
& hopefully min's feeling well enough to have dinner w us.
she's working like mad, with OTs (everyday i think) to earn enough to spend in taiwan.lol
hope more chats tmr.
i think i just need to talk to these best frens for my depressing mood to liven up.
major crisis. yet easy solution (:

after watching the first ep of absolute boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi ) on tv ystd, im gonna re-watch it again online :D
love that show, tho we all expect what the ending would be.
Hayami Mokomichi (finally got his name right) is really handsome. the ultimate sunshine guy.
familiar!? he once acted in Gokusen 2! (:

anws, its 21st June now at 1.35 am.
so, HAPPY 22nd birthday KIM RYEOWOOK!!! :D

very youthful-looking, aspiring songwriter,
tho not my top fav, but truly one of the best voice in suju.heh

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19 June 2009 @ 11:10 pm

my left arm's still feeling slightly painful from the jab, or isit just my phobia of jabs.
whatever the case, this vacc better work, & hopefully i won't fall sick in taiwan.
i hate falling sick, esp when abroad..grrrr.
& i'm still getting that depressing feeling. tho slightly better now that im soo looking forward to meeting edwinnie & yihui on sat & sun respectively (:
hopefully loads of photos!

anws, SHINee reclaimed No. 1 on MuBank!

Credits: prot0980 & codemonmonseason2 @ YT

close ups on taemin! :D